Modular Showers

Aker fiberglass and acrylic showers are our favorites and they are probably the best by quite a margin. They were purchased by MAAX about 10 years ago, but their quality hasn't suffered.
see We like them because they are heavier than other brands and their bases are stiffer. Our Semi Frameless line of shower doors is an excellent choice for these units. Aker sells both acrylic (cleans better) and gel-coated fiberglass units.


MSD on an Aker unitMSD on an Aker unit.

(left) Here is one of our semi frameless doors on an Aker Neo Angle shower

(right) Another Semi Frameless Maine Shower Door on an Aker seated shower.




Aker shower


Aker always puts some wood behind each wall where the door sits so we can even do a frameless door on their units.

The Aker unit on the right has a 3/8" clear glass frameless door.




Maax Collection Acrylic Modular Showers

Maax unit with frameless shower door

The Maax Collection is our next choice. They are acrylic and seem to be pretty rugged and come in a lot of styles, both one piece and multi pieced units. See

They also put some wood behind the places where a door will sit so we can install frameless doors on their units. This unit on the left has a 3/8" rain glass frameless door.

Aker round shower

Both Aker and Maax sell a lot of round units like this one. If you purchase one and need someone to install the round door, give us a call. We have installed a lot of these.






I'm sure there are other good fiberglass and acrylic units on the market sold by other manufacturers, but we have sold and installed these two brands for many years and they are the best.